Corporate Identity & The Importance of your Brand

Every company knows the importance of their corporate identity and the essence of a powerful brand. This is a concept that is not easily grasped by just any designer. When reinventing your corporate space, you are caught in a tug-of-war between aesthetics and function.

Make sure you are dealing with an interior designer that has tons of project management experience and a good understanding of the corporate world. Aesthetics are not the only order of the day, but empowering the brand and encapsulating the essence of the business is. Concerns such as space planning, task lighting, and atmosphere are paramount. Has your designer considered the importance of safety in the workplace, the placement of air-conditioning units, and the art of hiding cables successfully? At HDF Group we specialize in corporate interior Design. This means that we look at every aspect of the running of your business. We start with your logo, your corporate colours, the ideal seating arrangements, and collaborative environments to achieve maximum productivity of your staff. Another factor is to understand the function and movements of employees, what filing, or facilities do they need to enhance productivity. A major factor is your brand. When that client walks through the door, do they automatically know what your company is all about? With HDF Group, you are in good hands. Let us handle your design and project management.

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