Bianca Harvey is the owner of the intrepid interior design firm, Harvey Design Group.


Bianca has been an interior designer in Umhlanga for over 20 years, starting her first job at her family’s  interior design business back in 1997.


Bianca is extremely passionate about her job and takes the deepest care and heart in each project, as her saying goes “Design is Life!”


Harvey Design Group has a strong team of highly-skilled design staff as well as a host of reputable sub-contractors that the company work very closely with in order to ensure they bring out the beauty in ordinary spaces.


If you’re looking to make some changes to a residential or corporate space, you’ve come to the right place. Harvey Design Group and our team of well-trained and skilled interior designers and decorators are ready and willing to help make your design and décor dreams come true.




  • At our first meeting we get to know you.  We get to understand your space, your requirements and exactly what you need

  • We discuss budget, a major factor in securing the correct design to meet your needs

  • We take measurements, obtain plans and take photographs


  • After our initial call out meeting we prepare a follow up presentation.  Each client is different.  

  • A: Mood Board/Concept Presentation

  • B: Quotation on decor/services

  • C: Quotation on design services

  • D: Preliminary budget estimate on full design service, fit-out, plan submission etc